HELIX.iso Filter Pack of 7

Lanaco Helix.iso is a NZ Made approved filter for up to 8 hours continuous use.filters can be replaced in masks as needed.

How to place your HELIX.iso Filter correctly into your mask- Firstly, trim your filter to fit inside your mask. The smooth side of the filter with printing goes against the face side of your mask. The wool side should be facing out. The HELIX.iso™ filter can be fitted to all our cloth masks and should be replaced as often as possible. All contaminated filter elements must be disposed of safely when replaced and should not be re-used. Lanaco have scientifically tested their HELIX.iso™ Filter Technology and not only have they found that it filters 99% of particles down to 0.3 microns in size it is also twice as easy to breathe through than standard masks. Our design creates a snug seal around your face for exceptional protection. When correctly fitted, the mask with a HELIX.iso™ filter inserted provides excellent protection and comfort to enable prolonged use. When you order a mask it will come with a filter, with additional packs available separately. HELIX.iso(tm) Filters are manufactured in New Zealand under quality-controlled conditions with New Zealand's only respiratory filter test laboratory on site. In addition to having a lower initial breathing resistance, wool filters are less likely to feel "wet" which is a common reason for wearers discarding masks during prolonged wear. Wool fibres can manage moisture which prevents the build-up of bacteria growth much better than synthetics. Unlike synthetic fibres, wool fibres have a hydrophilic (water absorbing) core that can absorb up to 35% of its own weight in moisture before developing wetness. When the environmental conditions become drier, the retained moisture will vaporise, but the electrostatic characteristics and complex structure of the wool fibre in Helix(tm) based masks or filters mean that any viable virus will remain trapped in the mask or filter. It is important that HelixTM based masks or filters are discarded on a regular basis, especially if exposed to potentially high virus loads, preferably at least once a day. 

HELIX.iso Filter Pack of 7

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