Frequently asked questions

Let's start with the question on everyones lips..........how much will it cost?

Firstly, lets set the record straight, everything we sell is custom made, using high quality materials and over 30 years of concentrated hard slog behind a sewing machine and glue gun.A good guide for most mascots would be $4,000 to $6,000 but we can build mascots to fit most budgets providing we are being paid for what we do. We don't import our costumes from Asia, almost everything we sell is made in our studio, just North of Auckland.

How long will it take for my mascot to be made?

Most of the mascots you can see on our site have taken in excess of 50 hours to put together. We are often working on multiple projects at once so lead times are typically 6 to 8 weeks but we can work with you to rush something through if you are working to a tight time frame. An average dog or cat character takes about 75 hours from start to finish so as long as we can fit it in, we can usually help.

Do I need a design or can you help me with the design process?

Most new clients are cautious when they call. They have never inquired about having a life sized character made before. Don't worry, we have made one or two so we can help with all stages of the design. Using our many years of experience, we work with you to develop a character we know will work. We will never work on a project which we wouldn't wear ourselves. We offer a design service using our freelance designer who has been drawing up our ideas for many many years. He knows whats achievable, so what you see on paper, is what we will be making in real life. We can offer a simple line based drawing, or a full render of what we think works for you.

Can we have printing or our logo somewhere on the character?

Yes, absolutely. Printing has come along way since we started making costumes in the 1980's. We do a lot of sublimation printing, heat set digital prints, screen printing and embroidery. Artwork is required for all printing and you can either supply this to us in the form of brand guidelines, or we can create artwork for you. when it comes to sublimation printing, we create our patterns and then work our where the logos and messages will be positioned. Proofs can be sent out to you if you want to see what we are up to.......but quite often a flat piece of printing can be a little confusing on a round sphere! But we will explain.

Do you want your mascot to have a variety of clothing?

Who says your dog can't wear a T-shirt or a hoodie? Or maybe Fido is in T-shirt and shorts one day, and a dress the next. We are very open minded here at The Costume Studio......we accept all weird and wonderful requests. Perhaps a Santa costume for Christmas or an Easter theme? Check out the pictures of The Costume Studio Wolf in his Santa outfit.

Will my mascot be able to move around?

Certainly will. As long as we know your bear needs to run the marathon, we can make it happen. We make our mascots as comfortable and manageable as possible. We have made Kiwis that can ski and Keas that snowboard!!

How do we keep cool in the mascot?

Additional cooling systems such as head fans and cool-vests can be provided and are highly recommended especially if your mascot is to be used in summer or for periods exceeding 20 minutes. How hot your mascot will be depends on your design and the fabrics used, as well as the environment it will be working in. We do use materials that reduce heat build-up wherever possible.

Who can wear our mascot?

We can build a mascot to fit a child, small adult or body building giant.....just tell us an average size and we will work it out for you.Having said that......we try and make all mascots adjustable so they can be worn by multiple sized people. Hidden zips and velcro openings can hide a 5cms extension quite easily. T-shirts always have hidden zips to allow the arms to be adjusted to fit long or short arms with the teeth of a zip!

Do you hire out any of your costumes?

No, we don't hold a stock of costumes, we just make to order.

Can I take my costume to the cleaners?

Oh, no, please don't. The materials we use are not suitable for harsh chemicals and steam......please contact us. We now offer a FREE SPA TREATMENT on all our mascots if they are returned to us within 12 months of being created. This includes a shower, a rub down, nails cleaned, feet scrubbed and ears inspected. Teeth are whitened, eyes are brightened and hair is shampooed and set. We also give lots and lots of pats and attention to all our visitors. A week at the Spa can do wonders for your fluffy super hero.After the initial visit, you can send your mascot to us at anytime for a full pamper session at a cost of $175 + GST. This service is very popular so please remember to book in as soon as your furry friend is in need of some extra special attention by his makers. Book Your Spa Treatment Now. With each mascot we make, we provide a comprehensive user manual which has all of the details on dressing, cleaning and maintaining your costume.

How do I store my mascot?

The best way to prolong a mascots life is to supply plenty of fresh air. Think of your brand ambassador as an employee......they respond better when they have a bit of fresh air, love and attention every now and then. They can be stored in the large padded bags we supply, or hung up on a rail if you have the space. Just don't leave the cooling vests in the same bag when they are damp.

How will I transport my mascot?

We offer custom made padded bags which we designed after many requests from clients to supply something durable and professional. They were designed to transport your costumes around the country via courier or in the back of your vehicle. They have zip closures and are fully waterproof so we know they will be safe. The bags have handles and a clear window on the outer edge so it can be labelled for transporting.